One hundred years ago the Bluebird legend was born when Sir Malcolm Campbell. A century on, and having broken over 20 world land and water speed records, the Campbell family return to where the legend began in a joyous celebration of 100 years of record breaking achievements. It was at the Theatre Royal Haymarket where the Bluebird GTL Formula E car was presented.

The Formula E Championship will be the first formula electric series initiated by the FIA. The motorsports’ official governing body is currently considering which manufacturers will be allowed to build the racing cars. Drayson Racing, Kleenspeed and Fondtech have already announced their interest. The first race is scheduled for 2014.

No official news release has been issued, so we can only guess about the future specifications of the new Bluebird as the unveiled car is just a prototype. However, Don Wales (Sir Malcolm’s grandson) told TheChargingPoint that his new project will be something completely different then he has done before. “Formula-E represents the birth of a new era for us. Where we struggle with [financial] support for land speed record attempts, the circuit racing car is going to be more attractive to potential sponsors. Formula-E really is the future, definitely. Electric racing, with the FIA behind it, is going to be a big thing, and if we’re in it at the dawn of that then Bluebird should be a very strong brand for the future”, says Wales.

An overview of Bluebird’s track record:

Lorraine Dietrich Vieux Charles III  (1912)
This is believed to be Sir Malcolm Campbell’s original ‘Blue Bird’. It is housed at Brooklands Race Circuit where Sir Malcolm Campbell won his first race 100 years ago.

Sunbeam 350 HP (1924)
Sir Malcolm achieved his first Land Speed World Record in this car in 1924 on Pendine Sands, South Wales.

Bluebird K3 (1937)
Sir Malcolm achieved his first Water Speed World Record of 126.33mph in this boat on Lake Maggoire, Switzerland in 1937.

Agfa Bluebird (1984)
Sir Malcolm’s granddaughter, Gina Campbell, raced in this Bluebird boat and won the 1984 UK Offshore Boating Association Championship.

Bluebird Electric (2000)
Sir Malcolm’s grandson, Don Wales, broke the UK Electric Land Speed Record in this vehicle during the millennium year. The car reached speeds of 137mph on Pendine Sands, where his grandfather had become a record breaker in 1924.

Bluebird GTL  Formula E (2012)
100 years after Sir Malcolm’s first win in ‘Blue Bird’, the Bluebird team unveil their latest vehicle. The Bluebird legend continues…

Photo: @EV_Innovations

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