As determined as he was to achieve the electric vehicle world record at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, Lord Paul Drayson had to postpone his attempt due to bad weather conditions. Heavy rainfall during the days prior to the event has flooded the track and therefore the organisers had no other option than cancellation.

Drayson Racing achieved a 204.2 mph average speed over the measured mile earlier this summer at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire, UK, and was aiming to go even faster at the much longer Bonneville track. The 800 bph Drayson B12 69/EV electric Le Mans prototype has been developed over the years and is among the fastest sub-1000 kg electric vehicles on the planet.

Photo: Venturi Cars

Wireless charging
However, there was some good news to report too. One of the team’s major backers and supporters is San Diego based, Qualcomm, a leading provider of wireless technology and services and sponsor of the FIA Formula E Championship. The Drayson B12 record car incorporates Qualcomm’s pioneering Wireless Vehicle Electric Charging (WEVC) system that uses inductive wireless energy transfer to eliminate the plug-in cord used in most electric cars today.

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