Team Arrow from Queensland University of Technology has set the best time during a qualifying lap at the Hidden Valley race track in Darwin. Therefore the Australian team may start first during tomorrows Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2013.

Kogakuin University Solar Vehicle Project (Japan) and the Stanford Solar Car Project (USA) completed the top three in the Challenger Class. The second time overall set by Solar Team Eindhoven from the Netherlands was remarkable. The first ‘solar family car’ that has four seats, was the team to beat in the Cruiser Class. SIKAT Solar Philippines from the Philippines secured the best time in the Adventure Class.


Last years winner Tokai University from Japan was not able to set a fast lap time as the driver lost control over the vehicle and spun. The team will start as 20th in its class.  Nuon Solar Team from the Dutch Delft University of Technology qualified 13th in the same class. A midfield position doesn’t worry the students. “It’s our first car with four wheels, so everything has been thought out from scratch. Anything can happen during the next few days,” says driver Annemiek Koers.

Provisional qualifying results of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2013:

Challenger Class

  1. Team Arrow 2.00,10 sec
  2. Kogakuin University Solar Vehicle Project 2.06,89 sec
  3. Stanford Solar Car Project 2.07,78
  4. Solar Team Twente 2.10,17
  5. University of Michigan Solar Car Team 2.13,53
  6. Punch Powertrain Solar Team 2.19,95
  7. Blue Sky Solar Racing: 2,22,14
  8. SunSPEC: 2.23,01
  9. ITU Solar Car Team: 2.23,70
  10. Solar Energy Racers 2.23,84
  11. ITS Solar Car Racing Team 2.26,08
  12. Onda Solare 2.30,28
  13. Nuon Solar Team 2.33,53
  14. Ecole de technologie superieure 2.36,07
  15. Kanazawa Institute of Technology: 2.37,03
  16. Sun Shuttle: 2.38,21
  17. UWS Solar Car: 2.42,93
  18. JU Solar Team 2.44,39
  19. EAFIT-EPM Solar Car Team: 2.46,41
  20. Tokai University 2.46,71
  21. KUST (Kookmin University Solar car Team): 2.48,53
  22. IVE Solar Car Team 2.52,73
  23. UMPSolar: 3.37,21
  24. Hachinohe Institute of Technology 4.38,91

Cruiser Class

  1. Solar Team Eindhoven: 2.05,01 sec
  2. University of Minnesota: 2.12,89
  3. Hochschule Bochum SolarCar Team 2.20,01
  4. UNSW Solar Racing Team – Sunswift 2.31,52
  5. University of Calgary Solar Car Team 2.37,06
  6. Apollo Solar Car Team 2.43,35
  7. TAFE SA Solar Spirit 2.43,83
  8. Goko High School 2.56,84

Adventure Class

  1. SIKAT Solar Philippines 2.30,53
  2. Aurora Vehicle Association 2.32,95
  3. Team Solaris 2.38,93
  4. KAIT WSC Project 3.11,46
  5. Mississippi Choctaw High School 3.11,51
  6. Antakari: 3.13,42
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