Incredible performances today during the first day of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2013. 38 teams started from Darwin and travelled roughly 500 to 650 kilometres. The Nuon Solar Team from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands leads the Challenge Class after starting from 13th position.

But probably the Dutch students have to look in their mirrors as the Tokai Challenger from Japan – started from 20th place – is closing in fast and is currently in a shared second place, joining Solar Team Twente from the Netherlands while setting up camp for the night.


The amazing Cruiser Class for ‘family solar vehicles’ has been led throughout the day by another Dutch team: Solar Team Eindhoven, but has been passed in the final hour by the German Hochschule Bochum SolarCar Team. However, the Dutch team drove with three persons, while the German team with one. Therefore, Eindhoven still leads. The Australian Aurora Vehicle Association is leading the Adventure Class by a great margin over the IVE Solar Car Team from Hong Kong.

However, the results are provisional and based on the data of the tracking devices that has been made available by the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge organisation.

Provisional top ten results Bridgestone World Solar Challenge day 1, Challenger Class:

  1. Nuon Solar Team
  2. Solar Team Twente
  3. Tokai University
  4. University of Michigan Solar Car Team
  5. Team Arrow
  6. Solar Energy Racers
  7. Punch Powertrain Solar Team
  8. EAFIT-EPM Solar Car Team
  9. Blue Sky Solar Racing
  10. Ecole de technologie superieure

Please note: the GPS tracker of Stanford Solar Car Project is not working, but it is likely they are currently in the top five.

Provisional results in travelled kilometres Bridgestone World Solar Challenge day 1, Cruiser Class:

  1. Hochschule Bochum SolarCar Team
  2. Solar Team Eindhoven
  3. University of Minnesota
  4. UNSW Solar Racing Team – Sunswift
  5. University of Calgary Solar Car Team
  6. Goko High School
  7. TAFE SA Solar Spirit
  8. University of Waikato / HybridAuto

Please note: the classification of the Cruiser Class is not only determined by travelled kilometres. Hochschule Bochum SolarCar Team raced with one person today, while Solar Team Eindhoven drove with three. Therefore it is likely that The Dutch team is leading.

Provisional results Bridgestone World Solar Challenge day 1, Adventure Class:

  1. Aurora Vehicle Association
  2. IVE Solar Car Team
  3. Antakari
  4. SIKAT Solar Philippines
  5. Mississippi Choctaw High School
  6. Team Solaris
  7. KAIT WSC Project
  8. Hachinohe Institute of Technology

Find an overview of the results and developments of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge here.


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