Automotive and records go along very well. Since the first cars were produced, races were being held and speed records broken. New vehicles are still being pushed to its limits to develop new technology. And that definitely counts for electric racing too. At the 2013 Advanced Engineering Show, British company Formaplex unveiled a scale model of the car that will be used in its attempt to break the 24-hour endurance sub-500 kg electric car world record.

The electric car will be designed and built entirely at the company, which provides advanced manufacturing services for industry leaders in, among others, the automotive and motorsport sectors. Spearheading the project will be Formaplex Graduate Design Engineer Luke Horsfall, who won the 2012 Greenpower Formula 24+ electric car championship.

“The world record attempt is a fantastic chance to showcase our state-of-the-art CAD and structural design tools, which complement our cutting-edge out-of-autoclave composite production technology capabilities. These technologies will help us meet the strict weight criteria and performance objectives”, explains Horsfall.

Technical details might be published during the Low Carbon Racing Conference in Birmingham, UK in January. The world record attempt will take place in summer 2015.

Tim is co-founder of and works in international motorsport. He found his passion for sustainable racing by joining world's first competition for hydrogen electric vehicles in 2008. He does not doubt on the possibility of a break through of electric racing. And that deserves a platform to keep up to date and to interact. Tim operates on behalf of Formula Blue Media.


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