DUT Racing from Delft University of Technology has unveiled its 2014 design for the Formula Student competition. Once again, the Dutch students focussed on lightweight and came up with innovative solutions to reduce the amount of kilograms.

The Formula Student competition is an international contest among top university teams around the world. They design and build their own electric vehicle and will be judged on static and dynamic events like design, budget, sprint and endurance. The most important events are held during summer at circuits Silverstone in the United Kingdom and Hockenheim in Germany. The Dutch have set a standard in achieving great results by winning various events. They also set a world record for electric vehicles in acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 2,134 seconds (see video).

The current team consists of 80 members which have all their own duties in designing the car and producing components. Lightweight was key in this years’ design process. The 2014 vehicle was designed from scratch and the students came up with innovative ideas.

Innovative wheels
The team will make their own tyres, which are smaller than previous years. “Less tyre, means less weight,” concludes Chief Engineer Marinus van der Meijs. “We fitted our transmission, motor and brakes inside these tyres too. Its like a woman’s bag: you can put more inside than you might think.” An impressive 2 kilograms of reduction per wheel was realised. “Designing our own tyres and to include all the components was quite hard to figure out. This was probably the biggest challenge but also the largest break-through this year.”


Extreme lightweight
The chassis will be made of a special mix of material. Aluminium foam is ‘sandwiched’ by carbon-fibre, making it extremely strong and lightweight. “The chassis is as heavy as a crate of beer”, Van der Meijs illustrates.

A new designed suspension, a redesigned front wing, diffuser, rear wing, regenerative braking on four wheels and being able to control the four motors individually, adds to the DUT14’s performance. The new car will weight a stunning 155 kilograms, a reduction of 22 kg from last year.

The deadline to finish the car has been set on 28th of April when testing will start. The roll out will be scheduled in the beginning of June.

Some specifications of the DUT14 Formula Student vehicle:
Downforce: 75 kg at 60 km/h
Weight: 155 kg
Total power: 144 bph
0-100 km/h: 2,3 sec.
Top speed: 130 km/h

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