The preparation of the FIA Formula E Championship is well under way with all the ten teams being revealed, a strong ten city centre race calendar, first few broadcasters have been announced and potential former Formula 1, Indycar and GP2 drivers have shown interest to join. Along with off-track duties, the 200 kW fully-electric race car is currently being tested in France.

After unveiling the vehicle in at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Lucas di Grassi have been testing the Spark-Renault SRT_01E car on several occasions, before the FIA decided that test drivers were not allowed to race during the inaugural season which starts in September 2014 in Beijing. The consortium of manufacturers of the car have found a replacement in a young and very talented rising star, who cannot be named yet, to complete test work. phoned about how it’s going. “It is an amazing car and we experience a very limited amount of small issues: it goes surprisingly well for a brand new fully-electric race car,” he says. During previous tests the team used a smaller battery to make sure all systems are working properly, but that has changed. “We’re now using the race battery, and we have steadily increased the amount of kilowatts. We will test with maximum power today and will continue testing during the next three weeks.”

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