Battersea Park in London is about to host the FIA Formula E Championship venue that will take place in June 2015. According to the park would suit the needs of Formula E as it is located in the city centre, not major road construction work would be necessary and there is plenty of room for a paddock area and even for staging concerts.

Until now it has been a public secret that the Olympic Park and the area around Wembley stadium have been considered as race venue. British media suggested in February that Hyde Park would be a possible location.

The event in London is believed to have received full support of London Mayor Boris Johnson and however the planning process has yet to begin, it is rumoured that plans will be published before the local elections in May.

The first city centre course developed by Formula E will be revealed in Beijing this week. Furthermore, logically, the Monaco track is known and for Berlin has been announced that the event will be held at former Tempelhof Airport.

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