Hong Kong, which was on and taken off the inaugural Formula E calendar, is back on track to ensure it will be included for season two. The city doesn’t give up after officials were blamed for bureaucracy and presenting an unsafe track proposal. A revised street track layout has now been handed over to the FIA, according to the South China Morning Post.

It is believed that the modified circuit is safer for high-speed racing through the Central district. Also a small tunnel, which likely caused the disapproval, has been bypassed under one option. The FIA has yet to approve the modification, while technical officials from Formula E were encouraged by revised plans.

“I’m very confident we will get approval now that we have made changes to the circuit, the most important being that we will not go through the tunnel,” said top official Lawrence Yu Kam-kee to SCMP. “We can cut this bit out as it was deemed dangerous at high speeds. Among the other modifications we have undertaken is to widen the road in a number of areas.”

“The track will still remain at 2.4 kilometres, but it will be simpler and safer. Once we get on the circuit, we can make the race more interesting by introducing sharp corners and so on. But our first objective is to become part of the series and to do that we have had to modify our circuit,” Yu said.

If the FIA would approve the revised city course and the local government would give all the green lights, the event could be staged in October or November 2015. Or if they hurry and the logistic schedule would be in favour, Hong Kong could take over the calender spot from Rio de Janeiro that has been cancelled by the FIA on Friday. A new event is to be staged at 14 February 2015.

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