Preparation for the inaugural pre-season test of the FIA Formula E Championship has officially started for the ten competing teams after the first cars were handed over on May 15. At the brand new facility at Donington Park circuit, team members are now getting familiar with the Spark-Renault SRT_01E electric single seater and passing compulsory tests.

Brice Gaillardon, Team Manager of Venturi Grand Prix, describes what needs to be done before public pre-season tests will take place.

“After the delivery of our first car, we’ve dismantled it to understand the way it was made and to become aware of its content. It will also help us to identify the tools we need for specific usage,” Gaillardon explains. “Soon we will add our colours, reassemble the car and plug the battery.”

Meanwhile each team member has to pass three specific classes. “The first will be dedicated to electricity risks in general. The next session will deal with assembling and dismantling all the components of the vehicle. In the end, we will be educated about intervention processes in case of accident.”


The battery has yet to be integrated in the system. “The battery pack is obviously a structural component in the single-seater. We do have to finish the assembly very well in order that it will be perfectly integrated in the vehicle. It is something new and check-lists have to be created in order that everything goes properly”, he continues.

Shakedown in June
However first pre-season tests are scheduled in on July 3 and 4, the cars will go on track a bit earlier to make sure everything works. “A shakedown takes place in June, checking that the car works properly and that the ergonomic position of the driver is optimal. Then, we are able to launch the first performance tests”, Gaillardon reveals.

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