The new lightweight electric race car built by Dutch students has been unveiled. Acceleration, manoeuvrability and a power to weight ratio of almost one hp per kilogramme must ensure that Delft University of Technology would be able to win the Formula Student electric division.

The new car’s weight is less than 150 kilogramme and will be propelled by four 37 hp motors which are integrated in the wheels to save weight. “A wheel is like a hand bag; you are surprised how much will fit inside”, says chief engineer Marinus van der Meijs. Furthermore the team reduced the weight of the chassis thanks to an innovative ‘sandwich structure’, and according to designer Guido van Koppenhagen, it now only weights as much as a crate of beer. In addition, improved aerodynamics will boost manoeuvrability. The car would be able to reach 100 kilometres per hour in 2,3 seconds.


DUT14 car specifications




Wheelbase 1530 mm Monocoque CFRP – Advanced Composite AMK DT5-14-10 4x
Trackwidth 1150 mm Fibres TeXtreme Mass 4.0 kg/motor
Acceleration (0-100 km/h) 2.3 s Core Aluminium Honeycomb Maximum power 27 kW/motor
Top speed 132 km/h Brackets Aluminium 7075 Alloy Maximum torque 28 Nm/motor
Weight 149,2 kg




Control System  self-developed Front Pull Rod Total Downforce  700 N @ 16m/s
Electronic Control Unit  self-developed Rear Pull Rod
Battery Management System  self-developed

Formula Student Team Delft
The ‘DUT14’ has been designed and built by 80 students of Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and will race during the upcoming Formula Student competitions in the United Kingdom, Germany and Austria. After winning with a fossil fuel powered car in 2010, they are dominating the electric division ever since. They’ve won the event in Germany the last three years and won two editions in the UK, which are both the most important Formula Student events in the world, where the best teams are racing for gold and glory. They currently hold second place in the world ranking and set a world EV acceleration record: from 0 – 100 kilometre per hour in 2,13 seconds (see this video).

DUT14_team_DelftFormula Student
Formula Student is a global competition for international students to build and design their own vehicle and is backed by major car manufactures. During each event, the cars are being judged on several static and dynamic aspects like cost efficiency and its business case, but also acceleration, short circuit racing, endurance performance and efficiency are key to perform well on the overall scoreboard.

Formula Student UK: July 9 – 13, 2014 at Circuit Silverstone
Formula Student Germany: July 29- August 3, 2014 at Circuit Hockenheim
Formula Student Austria: August 17 – 20, 2014 at Circuit Red Bull Ring

Photos by Worcflow

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