The FIA Formula E Championship completed its first two official pre-season test days at Donington Park circuit in the United Kingdom last week. All ten teams were able to test two fully-electric single-seaters each, demonstrating that the Spark_Renault SRT_01E is a reliable car to discover by completing hundreds of laps.

Missed it? Formula E testing isn’t over yet. The electric race cars will hit the track on July 9 and 10, as well as on August 19. Find out why you shouldn’t miss it:

1. Sound
What many people said when the championship was announced: ‘electric cars don’t make any noise’. Well, asking around in the paddock and pit garages, many of those around were extremely positive about the sound of the cars. They were suprised that it actually made more noise than they anticipated, especially when a few cars drove around the track together. Is it comparable to anything? Speaking about cars, it isn’t. But some said it is like Star Wars or a fighter jet. Find out for yourself!

2. See something new
The first two test days marked another milestone in Formula E history. As the teams were discovering and testing their cars, the organisation is trying new things as well. At the end of the first test day, Formula E simulated a first ever ‘false start’. Cars were lined-up according to the best set time of the day and went off when the lights went out. It was rumoured that something similar should take place on the second test day, but was postponed due bad weather. So, you might witness a new Formula E feature.

3. Meet the drivers
Formula E was overwhelmed by its success of the public pit walk. Spectators were able to discover the brand new cars from up close for the first time, checking the new liveries, chatting with the drivers and team members and receiving autographs. And in case Formula E will be a huge global success, you can tell friends and family to have acquired an authograph of the first Formula E drivers and (future) champions. Don’t miss that opportunity.

4. Experience a great atmosphere
Not only the cars, the teams and the drivers were new to Formula E. Fans will witness another motorsport experience too. In addition to the unique noise of the cars and accessibility, DJ’s are playing new music that contributes to a relaxed atmosphere. And what is new, for example, special electronic music raised the excitement for things to come. Be there and enjoy.

5. Free
It is free to attend the public pre-season test days. Your access won’t get charged, but the only thing you need to do is pre-register at the official Donington Park website. You will receive confirmation (also check you spam filter, just in case), print out this letter and exchange that one for a free entry pass at the track’s ticket office.

And please, do tweet your experiences! Attach the #FEtest hashtag and get noticed by the speaker and by us.

Tim is co-founder of and works in international motorsport. He found his passion for sustainable racing by joining world's first competition for hydrogen electric vehicles in 2008. He does not doubt on the possibility of a break through of electric racing. And that deserves a platform to keep up to date and to interact. Tim operates on behalf of Formula Blue Media.


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