Tongji University has set its target to become the best Chinese participant in the Formula Student China edition, which will take place in October. The Shanghai based students of DIAN Racing launched their DRe14 electric car recently and will now get prepared for one of the most challenging student automotive contests in Asia.

The Chinese university has put great efforts in becoming a leader in electric vehicle engineering and is creating a talent pool of future engineers. In addition to the Formula Student team, Tongji University also announced its intention to develop a powertrain for Team China Racing in the fully-electric global FIA Formula E Championship, as revealed earlier by

DIAN Racing is a students team under supervision of Professor Zhang Tong, chairman of Clean Energy Automotive Engineering Research Center and Godert van Hardenbroek, an entrepreneur and designer from the Netherlands. Their wide arrays of expertise provides a powerful learning experience for the team.

“We are very proud to unveil the DRe14”, says van Hardenbroek. “Months of hard work by a determined group of students resulted in a battery-electric car which would be able to battle for the top spots at Formula Student China. The vehicle has been developed according to our schedule and we will now start an extensive test programme to prepare ourselves for the event in October. In addition, we look forward to create a strong partnership with Formula E Team China Racing to develop a powertrain for season two and to train our engineers of the future.”

Key specifications of the DIAN Racing DRe14 Formula Student electric vehicle:
Power: Shanghai E-Drive 245TYZ-XS01A
Energy density: 185Wh (for each part)
Configuration: Steel Pipe Truss
Weight: 300kg
Interesting facts: dual motor drive system and high voltage soft package battery

The race car uses a custom motor and a two in one integrated motor controller which consists of a dual motor drive system and soft package battery. The latter one is made and designed independently by DIAN Racing. Other features includes high-efficiency vehicle master control and electrical management, general wireless data collector system and high negative lift force diffuser at the bottom.

Formula Student China takes place from October 14 to 18. Visit for more information about the team’s entry in Formula Student China.


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