The Amlin Aguri Formula E Team was proud to be part of the inaugural race of the FIA Formula E Championship in Beijing. Drivers Katherine Legge and former F1 driver Takuma Sato were a bit unlucky, but are holding firmly onto some positive results.

Sato started from 14th on the grid and suffered electronic troubles midway the ePrix. However, the Japanese driver was able to go back out on track again and set the fastest lap of the race, earning two championship points.

“It was a great experience and lots of fun to drive here,” said Sato. “I really appreciate the part the team has played in this race. It was exciting and we looked pretty strong at the start but we had a few technical issues. I had to stop the car due to a power fault which was disappointing, but I got the fastest lap time which is great. I can see the team’s potential and I really enjoyed working with the crew here in China.”

Katherine Legge was among the most popular drivers on the grid after fans casted their votes for her. She received a FanBoost, which allowed her to use once 30kW of extra power over five seconds. Despite communication issues between her car and the garage the team couldn’t communicate about the energy consumption targets. She managed to finish 15th.

“It is great to be part of the first Formula E race with Amlin Aguri and we have learned a lot,” knew Legge. “There were a few snags technically which we need to eliminate before the next race and if we can sort those out I think we will see a significant improvement in Malaysia.”

Aguri Suzuki, Executive Chairman is confident about the team’s future. “Taku got the fastest lap time which is great and I thought he was a little unlucky. There was a problem with the car, but it is clear that the team is getting better and better. We can look forward to building on this performance in Malaysia.”

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