Overview of part of the track near the Bird's Nest

The inaugural ePrix of the FIA Formula E Championship is about to begin. Twenty top level drivers will race on a 3.44km track around the iconic Olympic Stadium, more commonly known as the Bird’s Nest and venue for the 2008 Olympic Games.

Let’s have a walk with Vader_7083 and first look at the city centre track designed by Rodrigo Nunes.

The first two turns after start finish are 90 degrees turns. First to the right.

And shortly after turning left.

Coming out of Turn 2 (looking back).

After about 500 metres the drivers will tackle the first chicane. It looks quite narrow.

Shortly after the chicane the drivers will make a 90 degrees turn to the left.

Using three to four lanes coming out of turn 6, going into Turn 7.

Which is the second chicane.

It seems to have certain ‘flow’. It is narrow, but the cars don’t have to brake completely.

Another chicane follows directly, which is more tight and the drivers will have to slow down.

There is not much tarmac available going into the next corner. No overtaking here.

Turn 14, we’re almost half way. We’ve past most chicanes and we have some longer straights ahead.

Four lanes, a twist in the road. That’s likeable. Drivers will pick up some speed here while they are passing the Bird’s Nest.

Final chicane of the Beijing track. Drivers will slow down again.

But they will pick up some speed before going into Turn 19. You could consider that this was after the third straight line.

The drivers have picked up some speed racing towards Turn 20. First they need to choose to go into the pit lane or not. If they don’t, the final turn lies ahead. A tight one.

This is the unique U-Turn pitlane where all the drivers will make one mandatory pit stop to change cars.

We’ve completed the lap! Here is an overview:


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