It is very likely that a tenth event of the FIA Formula E Championship will not be held after Rio de Janeiro was cancelled by the FIA. Rumours about an ePrix in Mexico City were strong, but it seems on a too short notice to get that organised.

Instead, the organisers said that it might be possible to hold a double race during one of the events in Europe. It seems sensible to race on a Saturday and Sunday during the final event in London in June 2015. The ePrix is likely to be held at Battersea Park when local councillors will vote in favour of the race. Appealed by the extra income a two-day event might generate, it makes sense to host a double race at this location as the proposed track doesn’t require any public roads. Which means no (extra) traffic disruption.

If that doesn’t work a double race might be held during the penultimate event in Berlin as former Tempelhof Airport is like Battersea Park not being used by traffic. The Monaco track does include public roads, however it is proposed that the original track used by Formula 1 will be shortened to two kilometres.

This years’ calendar will consist of nine events with likely ten races in total. Beijing has been completed and the all-electric racing series will now go to Putrajaya (Malaysia), Punta del Este (Uruguay), Buenos Aires (Argentina) Miami, Los Angeles (both USA), Monte Carlo (Monaco), Berlin (Germany) and London (UK). The vacant spot, normally the fifth event scheduled on 14 February, will be removed. Therefore a double-header race weekend will be held in Europe. That makes ten races in nine events.

Paris is rumoured to get integrated in next seasons’ calendar while Formula E seeks for expansion in Japan, India and the Middle-East as it was confirmed to Electric Autosport earlier.

The proposed Monaco track (unofficial):


Image by Haymarket

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  1. Have been looking forward to this race series as im already a big F1 fan, however in the UK the coverage has been on ITV4 and the presenters and commentators have been well below par in comparison to the BBC F1 coverage. Also not too sure about this fan vote thing as it seems a bit gimicky to me, surely the best driver should win NOT the most popular on the day !!!


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