Video: Chandhok trials Putrajaya Formula E track virtually

Not long before the second Formula E event will kick-off in Putrajaya, Malaysia. A 2.5 kilometre city track is located to the south of Kuala Lumpur in the district that functions as the administrative centre of the country. Like most temporary tracks the all-electric racing series will race on, Putrajaya will be new to all drivers and teams. The only help they may get is a computer programme.

“We get an image from the FIA which allows us to build a track map, it allows us to speed up the process of learning the track,” Mahindra driver Karun Chandhok explains in the video. He describes that the track seems nearly three to four lanes wide which should result in a reasonable amount of overtaking. “However, the hairpin is probably one of the tightest hairpins I’ve ever driven in my life. That’s going to be interesting in the race.”

But still, these practice sessions remains in a simulator. “The feel of a track you can’t really replicate because of the surface and the curbs. Remember that we are racing on a street circuit which haven’t been used before. What you do in the virtual world, you need to take it with a little bit of salt,” concludes Chandhok.

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