Nathanaël Berthon has won round three and four of the Trophée Andros Electrique which has been held in Andorra. The experienced single seat driver proved to be quick with an electric vehicle in snow conditions by beating his rival Louis Gervoson in the first race and won by a significant margin in the second.

“It couldn’t get any better; a perfect performance! The battle in the first race with Louis was great. He drove well and it delivered and fortunately I was able to keep him behind,” Berthon said. His rival Gervoson commented: “I am very happy to finish second after a good battle with Nathanaël.”

Reigning three-time champion Christophe Ferrier had eyes on a podium finish but made a mistake in the first race and finished fourth in the final heat.

Check the following race videos and become impressed by the capabilities of the drivers, drifting through the corners:

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