Nathanaël Berthon can still be found on top of the electric Trophée Andros division after three events. The Frenchman recovered after a disappointing first race in the snow at Alpe d’Huez by scoring a win in the second race.

Matthieu Vaxivière started the first race from pole position and defended his position successfully against Franck Lagorce. Christophe Ferrier managed to enter the top three, but he couldn’t find a way past Lagorce. The reigning champion didn’t have much luck in the second race as he started sixth and finished seven, just behind guest driver Benoît Tréluyer (vehicle with #4). The Audi Le Mans factory driver ended both races in sixth position.

Vaxivière was ranked fourth eventually after Lagorce placed a successful overtaking manoeuvre in the first lap of race two. Both Vincent Beltoise and Emil Sandström damaged their cars after they tried to move up the field.

In the end it was Berthon crossing the finish line first after he held a pressing Louis Gervoson behind.

Berthon leads the championship with 187 points, six points over Lagorce. Gervoson is ranked third with 169 points.

The fourth event takes place at Circuit d’Isola on 9 and 10 January 2015.

See it for yourself in the videos:

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