Virgin Racing’s Jaime Alguersuari talks confidently about a podium finish ahead of the fourth race in the all-electric FIA Formula E Championship taking place on Saturday 10 January 2015 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Spaniard, who recorded his his best race finish to date in Formula E in Uruguay, has set himself a New Year’s resolution of winning the Championship. Finishing first on this weekend’s South American 2.4-kilometre street circuit would be a great start.

Alguersuari, whose debut season with Virgin Racing is his first competitive racing series since his time in Formula One, wants to lead the team to the top of the FIA Formula E Team Standings in which they are currently third with 54 points.


Ahead of the Formula E Buenos Aires ePrix, Alguersuari said:

What do you think about the Buenos Aires ePrix track?
“I personally really like the track from what we have seen in the simulator. Argentina is a great place to race and I’m sure we can win because we came close to doing so in Uruguay and I’m sure we can make it happen in Argentina. The car is quick and if we manage to run a day with no issues and have a clean race, it’s very probable we can win.”

Victory in Argentina would be your first podium of the Championship, do you think this could be the first of many podiums?
“We are here to win because I want to win the Championship, it’s still possible. We are only in the fourth race of the Series and we have improved so much. The help of the fans in a FanBoost would be great!”

We are almost halfway through the series, what are your thoughts on electric racing so far?
“I never imagined myself driving electric cars, especially because we started with petrol and we thought we were going to die with petrol. The electric racing situation has come up very early because even two years ago I would never expect to be racing completely electric. We still have some issues to solve and we are working to understand more about the car, the batteries and the brakes. Everything is so different than to drive a petrol car and you need to completely change your mentality and your driving style and adapt yourself to be efficient in this Series. That is very different to the rest of the cars you can drive in other Championships.”

What message would you give to your Virgin Racing teammate, Sam Bird, ahead of this weekend’s race?
“I have a great teammate. He is quick and he is smart and I’m sure he will perform well in Argentina but he will be behind me. That’s the only message I can give him. It would be great to get a 1-2 finish on the podium, but me first and then Sam.”

The race will start at 4pm local time (8pm CET) on 10 January 2015. Follow live timing, comments and multimedia updates here.

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