Top 5 electric racing projects to watch in 2015


55 World Solar Challenge

World’s most prestigious race for solar vehicles takes place in Australia biannually. Dutch students of Delft University of Technology won for the fifth time during the last edition in 2013. The ‘Nuna 7’ was however chased by former race winners from Japan. Both the Dutch and the students of Tokai University are considered to be top favourites for this year’s 3000km journey.

The newly introduced ‘Cruiser Class’ was a great success. The division was initiated to showcase that solar ‘family’ vehicles are realistic. Stella by Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands won the first edition. The car has even been nominated for the ‘Chrunchies Awards’ by TechCrunch for Best Technology Achievement (battling against Apple and SpaceX).

What to expect?
Make sure to be following the solar race from 18 – 25 October 2015. Will the Japanese team take revenge to beat the Dutch supremacy? Or will there be an outsider taking the overall win? And much firework is expected in the Cruiser Class in terms of innovation, racing and different looking vehicles.

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5. World Solar Challenge

44 Forze Hydrogen Racing Team Delft

Founded in 2007, Formula Zero Team Delft is a student project of Delft University of Technology. The Dutch are developing their sixth hydrogen fuel cell race car. In comparison with previous vehicles, this one is purpose built for the race track. It will deliver 190kW power maximum power output, fuelled by 2 x 350 bar tanks consisting of 3kg hydrogen in total.

The project is ambitious. The first vehicle looked like a go-kart and contained a 8kW Hydrogenics fuel cell. Its efficiency was much improved in the next two race cars before they focussed on Formula Student. They doubled the fuel cell’s power and could reach a top speed of 120 km/h. In that contrast, ‘Forze VI’ is of a completely different magnitude.

What to expect?
The team is currently preparing its hydrogen powered vehicle for track tests. The ultimate goal for the next six months is to achieve a lap record at the 20.8km Nürburging-Nordschleife circuit in Germany.

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4. Forze Hydrogen Racing Team Delft

33 80 Day Race

New and large competitive adventures of this magnitude are rarely being initiated. And this one has great potential. Inspired by Jules Verne’s most famous novel, 80 Day Race launched a race around the globe in which participants circumnavigate between 8 cities within eighty days. All land-, water-, and air vehicles are allowed, as long as it does not run on fossil fuel or contains a combustion engine. The Captains and Vice-Captains are accompanied by a media professional who will travel along to capture all the challenges the teams are facing.

What to expect?
The race won’t start his year, but expect announcements of hosting cities, teams and Captains. An ambitious project that might leave an ever lasting legacy.

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3. 80 Day Race

22 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

This annual event might be overlooked. A hill climb? Yes, did you know it’s the second-oldest motor racing event in the United States? Every year in Colorado Springs, top level drivers are completing the 12.42 miles (20km) track. WRC legend Sebastien Loeb is currently record holder with a time of 8:13.878s. Best time for an electric vehicle is 9:08.188s. set by Greg Tracy with the 2014 Mitsubishi MiEV Evolution III. He came just seconds short to the overall win last year.

What to expect?
Expect electric race cars challenging for the overall win. EV competitors have closed the gap year after year. Best placed electric racers where ranked second, third and fourth in 2014. Mitsubishi will be favourite once again, but don’t rule out Nobuhiro ‘Monster’ Tajima. The Japanese driver will race to the clouds with his own race car. Sources are whispering us that there will be a third serious challenger this year…

Save the date! The time trials you don’t want to miss are taking place on 28th of June 2015.

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2. Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

11 FIA Formula E Championship

The all-electric racing series kicked off in Beijing (China), raced in the streets of Putrajaya (Malaysia) and visited paradise Punta del Este (Uruguay) and Argentina’s Buenos Aires. Formula E has delivered exciting races so far with plenty of incidents and overtaking. It’s the pinnacle of electric circuit racing with top brands, manufacturers and drivers taking part. It will now visit the United States and Europe for the remaining five events of its inaugural season.

What to expect?
Excitement in the streets of Miami, at Long Beach, Monaco, Berlin and London. It will decide who’s going to be the inaugural champion. More importantly, Formula E will soon release a list of manufacturers that are allowed to work on the teams’ powertrains (excl. battery). It’s an important development for the racing series to allow innovation. New hosting cities is another topic. Formula E intends to extend the number of events each season. Can we expect Hong Kong or Rio de Janeiro back on the calendar as it once was? Can we expect new cities like Paris? will be on top of it, as usual. Bookmark us, subscribe to the newsletter and visit our social media channels. We’ll make sure you won’t miss anything about Formula E, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, 80 Day Race, Forze, World Solar Challenge and all other electric racing series, projects, prototypes, (speed) record attempts, supercars and much more!

1. FIA Formula E Championship


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