The most thrilling battles of the Trophée Andros Electrique took place in Isola 2000, a ski resort in southern French Alps. Vincent Beltoise claimed the first win after all-battle race, while Aurélien Panis positioned himself in front in a chaotic race two.

Adrien Tambay – winner of a race in Valthorens – seemed to consolidate his pole position in the first race, but most cars raced side by side going into the second corner. Beltoise, who started in third position took the lead and and saw Nathanaël Berthon following him. Winner of the first lap was Panis who gained three positions and was chasing the two in front. Tambay followed in fourth. Berthon pushed the entire race for the win and came close in overtaking Beltoise, but the STEF branded vehicle crossed the finish line first.

Race two started chaotic once again. Panis had the best start from second position and came alongside Mathieu Vaxiviere. Franck Lagorce got stranded in the first race and was determined to achieve a great result. He positioned himself in second and looked in his mirrors to defend against Vaxiviere, who even damaged the front of his car while trying to pass his rival. Due to parts of his bodywork that got stuck underneath the electric car, Vaxiviere lost valuable time and positions. Panis won race two in front of Lagorce and multiple champion Christophe Ferrier.

Berthon still leads the championship with 245 points, followed by Lagorce who has collected 233 points and Panis moved up to third with 219 points.

De Lans en Vercors hosts the next event on 16 and 17 January.

To enjoy the exciting battles and onboard cameras, watch the videos below:


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