Video: Berthon wins eventful electric snow race in Super Besse

Nathanaël Berthon has won the Trophée Andros Electrique race at the track in Super Besse, France. The championship leader wasn’t threatened for victory at all, not even by heavy snowfall and crashes.

The championship leader got off from a great start while Christophe Ferrier and Mathieu Vaxiviere came in contact with each other in the first corner. Aurélien Panis got stuck between the two, damaged his car, but was able to continue even after losing the front part of his bodywork.

Franck Lagorce started from fourth but squeezed into second with Ferrier right behind him. In an attempt to take over second place, Ferrier made a mistake and spun. A few drivers could avoid the stranded blue vehicle, but French Formula 1 TV commentator Julien Fébreau spun. He was able to put the car in reverse to allow others to pass, but when he continued his race a collision could not be prevented. Fortunately they were all able to finish the race.

Berthon won the race with eight seconds ahead of Lagorce. Louis Gervoson became third in front of Panis and Ferrier. Thanks to his win, Berthon has now a 39-point lead over Lagorce.

The final race weekend of the 2014 / 2015 season is scheduled on Saturday 7 Februari at Le circuit de Saint-Dié-Des-Vosges.

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