Solar Team Eindhoven (STE) is a multidisciplinary team of 22 top students from Eindhoven, University of Technology, in the Netherlands. These students freeze their study for 1.5 years to work full time on producing a solar-powered family car and taking part in the World Solar Challenge in Australia. Leading up to the event in October, will go behind the scenes in the new ‘in-depth’ category to discover what effort and technologies are needed to complete the 3,000-kilometre extraordinary journey.

In 2013, STE had developed world’s first solar-powered family car ‘Stella’ and won the World Solar Challenge. They amazed the world about the possibilities of driving on solar-power and set a new standard for future mobility. This has been shown in the amount of attention she received even since. Stella has been to Hannover Messe Germany, Silicon Valley United States and the Republic of Singapore. A lot of articles are written about Stella. For example, she made it to the front page of CNN, an item at ABC News and an article in the New York Times. Also, the documentary about Stella is broadcast this year on National Geographic. The attention is not only the result of winning the World Solar Challenge, but also due to winning other awards. The most prestigious award is the Crunchie Award. This is known as the ‘Oscar of the technology’ and Stella won the award for Best Technology Achievement. Other nominees were Apple, SpaceX, Bitcoin and European Space Agency.

In October 2015 shall STE participate with a new solar-powered family car called Stella Lux during the World Solar Challenge with the goal to prolong the world championship. STE will again take part in the Cruiser Class. This means that not only ratings are given to velocity, but also to practicality, external energy use and the number of persons transported. The new vehicle named Stella Lux is an intelligent, solar-powered family car that generates more power than it uses. The car has a range of at least 1,000 km in the Netherlands, with enough space for four people, and is fitted with a specially designed navigation system. The team will take part with the car in the Cruiser Class of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia on 18 October 2015.

Go in depth with Solar Team Eindhoven on their dedicated page.

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