The Beijing ePrix will form the opening round of the second Formula E season. The track has a length of 3.439 kilometres and counts 17 turns. That’s less in comparison to last year. ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport driver Lucas di Grassi walks you trough the changes.

“It’s an incredible location and an amazing track, the longest circuit we visit on the Formula E calendar. It’s around a very iconic area in the Olympic Park and the ‘Bird’s Nest’ stadium,” describes di Grassi. “I think there will be a very different dynamic this season compared to last year as all the teams and drivers have much more experience.”

The track has been slightly changed for season two. The first chicane has been eliminated. “It was very tight and slow. It will now make the track flow much better, be much faster and hopefully improve chances of overtaking.”

Di Grassi recognises that the track change isn’t the only thing that’s different to last year. “The maximum race power has been increased to 170kW, that means for the same amount of distance to cover we’ll have to regenerate and save much more energy. Efficiency will be key to run higher power for longer,” he predicted.

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