Last year’s Putrajaya ePrix was one of the most thrilling races of the first season. 2014 race-winner Sam Bird shares his thoughts on the sultry and serpentine Malaysian track.

“I thought the circuit in Putrajaya lent itself to some great racing. I thought the layout was superb and there were some especially bumpy parts but it added to the character of the circuit,” he finds. “The bumpiest part is going into the last corner, everywhere else is as smooth as we come across over the course of the year.”

“The key for overtaking points are into turn one, three and four, everywhere else is very difficult to line something up so you need to really focus on getting it done in sector one. You need to get a good exit out of the last corner in order to tee-up those overtaking opportunities.”

“The threat of monsoon downpours in the mid-afternoon is always there and it’s tough for both teams and drivers but we’ve moved the race start time forward to hopefully compensate. The heat is always a challenge for both car and driver.”

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