Dragon Racing have confirmed that it will utilise its own powertrain supply during season three of the FIA Formula E Championship.

While currently running powertrains provided by Venturi, Dragon hopes to join the growing list of manufacturer ranks for the beginning of their 2016-2017 campaign.

Dragon Managing and Commercial Director, Oriol Servia is adamant that while the arrangement with Venturi has been successful, only a complete move to a bespoke powertrain will give his team the competitive edge required to challenge for the championship.

“We just want to have full control of the car. At the moment we have been relying on Venturi, who have been great, but we want to be able to put our own package together and beat the rest,” said Servia during the weekend’s opening press conference in Punta Del Este.

“I’m happy with the drivers and with the changes that we made over the summer, with some hiring on the engineering side. If we keep running as we have been, we will get our chance.”

No details yet have been revealed as to the nature who will supply componentry for the engine.

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