Amlin Andretti driver Robin Frijns took his third consecutive Formula E point score in Punta del Este, but wasn’t able to repeat it’s success of the second round where he finished in third position.

The No. 27 car underwent an eMotor and battery change in the hours leading up to the race, a precautionary measure on the team’s part and show of true strength in the crew’s speed and ability. Frijns started the 33-lap race from ninth on the grid and drove around just inside and outside the top ten. It wasn’t an easy race for the Dutchman.

“The race didn’t go so well, we started with an issue with the car,” Frijns said. “We weren’t sure what the issue was. We had to slow down a lot in the first stint to get it back to pit lane. During the second part of the race, we had some inconsistencies in the reporting of the energy levels. This compromised our strategy. It wasn’t our best weekend, but we’ll review the data and see what we happened in detail so we can be ready for the next race.”

Simona de Silvestro simply followed her team mate and finished eleventh. “Interesting race, I tried to get a little creative in the first stint. I tried to go a little longer. It was really difficult and we lost a lot of ground there,” she analysed. “So I don’t think that was the thing we should have done, but we’ll learn from it. The second stint was better we had to make up some ground but we had lost a little bit too much time there at the start. We’ll keep working at it and hopefully the next race we will do better.”

Roger Griffiths, Co-Team Principal of the Andretti Formula E Team expressed his disappointment but has hopes that the team can do better next year. “We’ve got to the end of the race in Punta – all cars are in one piece and we managed to salvage a point from the race,” he said. “I think we’re all a bit disappointed in not finishing higher up. We had a lot of unexpected component changes on the cars which somewhat compromised our preparation. With this single-day formula it’s hard to recover from early set backs. The guys really pulled through here, and again Robin proved himself to be a racer on track and made up some positions early on. Simona faced a challenging qualifying session. She was on a quick lap, looking like she probably would have been around mid-grid and then a car spun in front of her and hit the barrier and she really had to back off. Her luck – she’s just not having any of it. We feel for her a bit.”

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