eRacing Magazine’s Danielle Crespo caught up with Bruno Senna in Long Beach to talk about the turning fortunes of Mahindra. While no wholesale changes can be made, the subtle art of set-up appears to be giving the team and edge as their more fancied opposition makes forced and unforced errors.

After making inroads at the previous round at Mexico a fourth and fifth for Nick (Heidfeld) and yourself is a great result. How would you define your race at Long Beach?

“Today’s race could be defined by progress. We had a nice learning curve from the last race in Mexico to here where we tried some things. So putting both cars in the top five was a great result for the team and I think did a solid job. It wasn’t just down to luck.”

It’s quite an upturn from practice where you appeared to be struggling a bit.


“We thought we had a good solution for the car which helped us make improvements during the second practice.

We were playing with the suspension settings a lot. Each track is different and sometimes you find yourselves on the back foot a little bit. But you need to take chances. When you see teams like e.Dams struggle you have to profit when they don’t.”

You said you thought the team has connected most of the dots this season. . Does this give you more scope to extract more performance?

“We believe so, but e.Dams example is the perfect example of how difficult it is to get everything right. There’s so many changes and we have two new circuit amongst the next four races so it’s going to be very tough.

But we’re pretty confident about our car and that we have a good solution for the next few races. Comparitively we hope to be in the right window and keep improving.”

There’s been a lot of talk about the World Motor Sport Council reverting for a one-make battery tender. Do you think teams should be using their own batteries in season 5?

“It’s a difficult one. For me the most important thing for Formula E at the moment is to consolidate itself. It’s very expensive and you don’t want the teams to have financial trouble before the championship really consolidates itself.

Hopefully in season five we’ll be at a point where teams are really strong and people can invest in battery technology.”

Read the entire feature with Bruno in the April editon of eRacing Magazine.


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