Former Formula 1 driver Heinz-Harald Frentzen received the opportunity to test drive the modified Tesla Model S that will be used in the Electric GT Championship.

Frentzen drove seven laps around the Paul Ricard track in France. In total 40 laps were completed during the day.

“As a long time owner of this manufacturer it was great fun to drive one of the first race-prepared Teslas,” said Frentzen. “It was a fantastic opportunity to experience the potential of E-racing performance cars. Mark [Gemmell, CEO] and his EGT team are definitely heading in the right direction.”

The organisation was happy with the received feedback on tyres and performance.

“We were glad to have Heinz-Harald come to the track,” Electric GT Championship CEO Mark Gemmell said during the presentation of the race car at the Sportel TV fair in Monaco. “Other than the fact he’s a supremely talented driver, he is a fan of Teslas and owns two cars himself, which is great. We were able to meet up and talk him through the championship, before arranging a test drive for him later in the day. He gave us some great feedback.”

The Electric GT Championship is set to get underway in 2017, with Stefan Wilson, Vittoria Piria, Dani Clos and Leilani Münter already confirmed as part of the Drivers’ Selection Club.



Tim is co-founder of and works in international motorsport. He found his passion for sustainable racing by joining world's first competition for hydrogen electric vehicles in 2008. He does not doubt on the possibility of a break through of electric racing. And that deserves a platform to keep up to date and to interact. Tim operates on behalf of Formula Blue Media.


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