Santiago, the capital city of Chile, has revealed it’s street track that Formula E will use on 3 February 2018.

The 1.53 mile-track takes the drivers along the Avenue Santa Maria before the cross the river Mapocho. Once across, they’ll navigate their way around Plazza Baquedano before cutting through Forestal Park to return to the start/finish line.

Former F1 racer Elisio Salazar took the honour to driver the Formula E demonstration car through the city streets on Thursday.

“This race will allow the benefits of electric vehicles to be known by the Chilean people,” said Andres Rebolledo, Minister of Energy. “Our projection says that if we generate the necessary regulatory, logistics and market conditions, in the year 2050, 40 per cent of the vehicles in Chile will be electric.”

Non-state mining company Antofagasta Minerals has been announced as the race’s title sponsor.

Tim is co-founder of and works in international motorsport. He found his passion for sustainable racing by joining world's first competition for hydrogen electric vehicles in 2008. He does not doubt on the possibility of a break through of electric racing. And that deserves a platform to keep up to date and to interact. Tim operates on behalf of Formula Blue Media.


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